Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – February, 2002 Re: Modifying an Ampeg SVT 8×10 Cabinet


: I’ve had a couple of 8×10 cabinets. Two or three SVTs and even a Marshall 8×10. With the SVTs there is no way to "open it up". You basically have to get at it from the front. That is, pull off the grill and get to the insides of the cabinet through the speaker holes. I bought an SVT that had three blown speakers and modified one half of it with one 15" speaker. That gave me a lot more bottom end with the highs that the 10”s offered. It was in crappy shape otherwise I would have left it alone. : For you to swap over 4 of the 8 speakers, take the grill off, and simply disconnect the bottom or top four speakers so that you can rewire them with a second jack. Personally, I’d leave it alone and buy another cabinet. The SVT is worth more if it is in it’s normal configuration and not modified. : Good luck. : DALE