yeah it’s hard to ‘hand file’ one perfectly even, better if you have access to a percision gringing machine or line it up in a vise and file down even to the top of the vise then touch up, that works well when you are taking a fair amount off. Poly is fine for setting it, just remember it is mainly held in place by string pressure so don’t go to town with the ‘glue’ or the next time it’s replaced it’s going to be a pain in the ass to get out and might take wood with it. : No matter how you do it you will probably need to have the nut filed to get the right action on your neck. I wouldn’t attempt that myself. If you screw it up you get to buy another nut and try again. As far as glue goes, polyurethane works well. : : i bought a junker les paul copy and it needed a nut. i got one. its the right width but it sticks up way too high. I have 2 questions. : : 1. Whats the stanard way o making the nut thinner? File the back down? cut it with something? : : 2. What sort of glue works for gluing a plastic nut to a wooden neck? : : Id be very greatful for any sugestions of if somone knows a website that has this info. : : thanks : : Abe