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Wow! The power of the internet! Its amazing that we are discussing limited edition guitars purchased over 30 years ago at the same store! I have a Nagoya F-10 that is still in great shape! Does anyone know which Martin version (if any) that this resembles. Mike if you would email or fax (972 668 5996 a copy of the brouchure, I would very much appreciate it. My guitar looks and play great great and I plan to sell it. : : : I have a Nagoya Guitar that my father passed to me. I am trying to find some info on it and can’t. Can anyone help? : : I bought one new back in 1975, model N30 a very accurate copy of a Martin D28. Beautiful wood and sound. I think Veneman Music in the Washington DC area must have been the only importer because I’ve never seen another one any where else. Email me and let me know which model you have. I still have a brochure for them! : : Jim Hall : : Columbia SC