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: I also have a Norma guitar that a friend gave to me. It’s very cool — hollow body double-cutaway electric guitar with whammy bar and really nice sounding pick-ups. I don’t know anything about it and I’m trying to research the Norma company. : A friend of mine has a Norma drumset. Our idea is that we want to have a band called "Norma" in which I play the guitar, he plays drums, and anybody else plays any other Norma instruments. That’s why I’m eager to find out anything more about this Norma company. : If anyone had any info to share please e-mail me! :I just purched a norma guitar and a norma amp. on Ebay for $130. Unfortunatly the lower pick up dosn’t work. I am trying to find out how to get it fixed and More about the manufacturer.Any help would be apreciated. E mail my and I can send a picture . Thanks