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: I just purchased a 3/4 size Norma accoustic guitar from a flea market. Are these rare? I’ve never heard of one before. It’s not in the best condition, but I fell in love with it anyway! Does anyone know anything about it? I remember these from the mid 60’s when I was little and started playing. They were very inexpensive guitars sold in discount stores like the recently defunct Brand Names Sales here in New York, as well as Woolworths, JC Penny etc. I had a dreadnought size Norma guitar that my dad bought for me for about $30. The neck warped pretty bad on it so I traded it in for a Gretsch Double Anniversary with my paper route money floating the difference. They were very common back then, I wouldn’t put heavy gauge strings on it since I don’t think the truss rods have a lot of meat to them. I remember mine from about 1964-1965, I think they were made in Japan back then. Yours probably has a steel tailpiece and a very "boxy" but cool sound. There’s an excellent player/teacher up my way who uses his Norma Stella for acoustic slide work. If you can send me a pic of yours I might be able to guess a manufacture date.