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: : I’ve recently aquired a Norman Electric guitar. The only info I’ve been able to find about it is that it’s Canadian made by La Si Do, and it was a limited production line in the mid 1970’s. La Si Do does not have any info on it, as they say all documents relating to the electric was burned when there was a fire at the factory. : : I am looking in particular for any schematic drawings of the wiring, as the previous owner butchered the electronics in it. : : The guitar’s woodworking is phenominal, and it’s a great sounding axe, also very easy to play. : : Anybody who has info, I would really appreciate it! : Hi! Norman Electric Guitar were made by Claude Boucher, son of Norman Boucher in LaPatrie, province of Quebec, Canada. Norman Boucher was the ownwe and founder of the Norman Guitar Cie. : I don`t know a thing about LaReDo cie. I only know that The Boucher familie sold the cie and it became after that The Godin Guitar Cie. They have an web site. May be you can find the information you need there. : I know this is no big help, but it`s the only thing i can do. : Good luck! : Dominic Hello, Ive had a Norman Electric for a while now as well and am still on a continous search for more info on them i will not post to much as i dought you still check but feel free to email me if nessaciary there is one web site i can give you.