yeah great point, I forgot about whiteknuckling… been a long time since I used to do that, use a capo to barre and see if it’s still outta tune. : : I am having an issue with tunings. When I tune the guitar open and use open chords it sounds fine but when I use bar chords it sounds out of tune. If I tune it so the bar chords sound right then the open chords are out of tune. My question is would this be fixed by replacing the nut in the guitar? If not where might I look to remedy this problem? : : Thanks in advance, : : Joe : well, it won’t be the nut because when you do a bar chord your fingers block all the vibration. Does your guitar have jumbo frets? If you whiteknuckle you fingering hand you can ben the notes out of tune just by pressing dowm. if that’s not it, yeah probably intonation like everyone else says.