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: : I recently purchased an old "fixer-upper" guitar, to practice my soldering technique on. : : I can’t find any refernce to the brand (SAKAI) on the web, or in my Tony Bacon ULTIMATE GUITAR book. : : The only other SAKAI guitar I know of, was one a friend of mine had back in the early 80s, and it was a cheap Strat copy. : : Can anyone help ? : : The guitar itself is obviously old, and well used. : : It is slab-bodied strat shape (without any belly-cut, but with a "chamfered channel" all the way round the top) in tobacco-burst finish, with an almost strat-shaped headstock – single bar-shaped string guide like on an old 60s Ibanez. There is no date or serial number (even inside the neck joint), and the only other identifiable feature is the original "made in Japan" sticker on the neckplate. : : It has 3 large single coil pick-ups with chrome / white covers (and sliding switches for pick-up selectors and tone-override) and a basic spring tensioned tremolo system. : : The bridge has a wacky roller-saddle system on tune-o-matic type posts screwed into the body. : : In general terms it looks a bit like a Burns or also like the early Ibanez guitars. : : Any info will be gratefully accepted. : : Mark McColl I have an old Sakai with two crome-pickups. The model is like a Gibson ES. It has a great sound and i think it´s marvellous. I cant evenn find a picture on this guitar on internet.