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I use a setup method that should get you very close.Measure from where the nut touches the fretboard to the center of the 12th fret.note down this reding.measure fron the center of the 12th fret to where the string crosses the bridge.second reading should be the same as the first for the small e string.Measure the same way for the large E string only add approximately one quarter of an inch or 4mm to the length from 12th fret to where string should cross the bridge. If your bridge is a floating bridge tap the bridge closer or away from the fret board to set the measurement. If yours is a fixed bridge turn the adjustment screws on the adjustment mechanism to set the measurement. Now adjust the height of the bridge to allow 3/16 inch or 4mm height from fretboard to bottom of large E string at12th fret and 3mm at the small e string.This should get you very close to the corredt setting.the rest of the strings settings should be withen this overall range except for the b string which needs to be set about 1.5mm or 1/8 inch past the small e string.just keep making very small adjustments from these settings until you are satisfied with the sound.