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: the Ovation 2003 Collector’s edition acoustic is marked down to $999 and less at many music stores. It lists for $2100. Does anyone know anything about this guitar? Its quality, how it fits into the Ovation line of acoustics, why its discounted so low, etc ? : thanks I have seen it at for $799 and want to know the same about the quality. I contacted Ovation to discover that they are made in their USA factory in Hartford Conneticut. This should be better than those made at their "Pacific Subsidiary" which is in Korea (I think). I don’t know how it compares to their Legend or Elite models. I just talked to the shop where a month ago I bought an Ovation Celebrity. They say that this Collectors Edition is a high quality guitar with solid top (not like the calebrity I bought). The collectors edtion has K-bar neck construction (very strong and resistant to movement when changing from dry to humid conditions etc. I am going to take in the Celebrity and trade up if they give me a good deal on the 2003 Collectors edition.