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Ok heres the deal… it sounds just like the same problem youd get from a floyd rose….. when you get the guitar in tune and the bridge is going up ( it looks like this : / ) then that means you need to tighten the springs underneath the guitar until the bridge is level with the body… because the guitar is in standard tuning and the bridge is going up, you need to detune the guitar first then tighten the springs…. you dont want to put more tension on the neck than its designed for…. or kapow! anyhow what is going to happen is your going to detune , tighten and retune the guitar.. it will still not be perfect so what you do is detune again and retighten the springs and then tune it again. do this until it gets flat…. this goes for double locking or flush mount tremolo’s. Now to tighten the springs, you flip the guitar over and take off the tremolo cover. there should be like 2 or 3 springs with a metal bar holding it to the inside wall of the body by 2 screws…. by tightening or loosening those screws will tighten or loosen the springs…. what you need to do is screw in the screws more…. BUT if you only have like 1 or 2 springs you may have to add another spring… but I dont recommend more than 3…..