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1) It is worth something. 2) I dont expect people to do work for me. I’m simply asking for the assistance of anyone that is willing. Note that I asked with a ‘please’ 🙂 3) I found this will to type that post, by identifying a want to sell my guitar, and a lack of knowledge about guitars. Hence, the will presented itself to seek external information, should people be willing. 4) Re: Get a Life: Read your own post back to yourself. You;re quite easily identified as a forum troll. Perhaps it is you, that required a life. and finally 5) Thanks for nothing 🙂 : It’s worth nothing because the idiot that ownes it is too lazy to look it up himself and expects everyone else to bow to his wishes and do his work for him. I’d just throw it in the trash and forget you own it but probably you are too lazy to do even that. How did you find the will to type in this post? Maybe your mother did it for ya…. Hey, rest now because supper will be ready soon… Get a life… : : please please!!! : : Whast is this guitar worth? Very good condition!