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: The Gibson EB-3 is a cool sounding bass. You can get enough treble out of it, but maybe not as much as you’d get out of a lot of other modern basses, but it’s there. Jimmy Lea of the 70’s British rock band Slade got a great trebly, fluid tone out of his EB-3. I don’t think he used the tone switch (muffler switch) on his. : It’s a shorter scale bass than most basses, which helps give it a distinctive tone. Jack Bruce of Cream, Andy Fraser of Free, and Dennis Dunaway of the old Alice Cooper band also used this bass — I think they did use of the tone switch, which muffles the treble differently than the tone controls on the guitar do. : I have a 70’s Japanese EB-3 copy, and would never part with it. : (I know this response is years after the fact, it’s intended for someone who may do a search on these instruments).