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: : : I have heard a raven. It’s like plugging into a turd and putting strings on it and trying to play. The cheapest nastiest sound I have ever heard in all my years of playing bass. I have also heard a 6 string… ewwww… If you want to know beauty and precision go get 700 dollars and buy yourself a Cort Curbow bass or get 1200 dollars and buy a beautiful 1 piece bass guitar. Or if you want a 6 string or up buy yourself an Ibanez 6 or 7 string series. Until then don’t go online and brag about a 200 dollar guitar… : : you have got to be kidding me. i have played a Raven and have heard the wonderful warm so8nd it produces. Nothing beats the wonderful paint job also. I don’t think you can play. It’s obvious to me that the name on the headstock means more to you then your ability or lack there of. It’s probably your amp..I don’t even have to hear you and I know I can blow you off the stage anytime, little boy. Remember, it’s not the instrument, it’s the person behind it.