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: : : : I’m 13 years old and am having to do a research paper. I chose to write about how to build an electric guitar. As part of my paper I have to interview several people. Could someone please answer my questions? 1. How do you make and equip the electrical parts and wiring of an electric guitar? 2. How long will it take, how time consuming is it? 3. What are the parts I will need? Where would be the best place to buy parts? 4. How do you measure the frets? 5. Approxiamately, how much will it cost to buy all the parts needed? 6. How do the Pickups pickup the sound the vibrating strings make? 7. What kind of tools am I going to need? Where can I buy these? 8. What is the most important information (knowledge) I need inorder to do a good job? : : : : Hi : : 1) I buy all electrical parts and wire them into the guitar.I will be making all my own pickups the winding machine is almost done. : : 2)It takes me 40 hours to build a eletric threw neck guitar. : : 3)fretwire,bridge,tailpiece,trusrod,electric parts,tuning keys : : 4)There a ton of math formulars for this i have templates that fit into a saw that cuts the slots in the correct location.I buy from stewart mcdonalds ,lmi,carvin,wd music ,allparts, About $250.00 can build someones first guitar. : : 5)They pickup string vibratio using magnets and a eletrical circut. : : 6)Mostly coming wood working tools a few special ones but not that many.You can buy them from stewart macdonalds : : 7) Be carefull fingers dont grow back .Study books other guitars find a maker in your area and ask thats what i did.Most of us makers are very giving I have shown two people how to build and one builds a great guitar. : : Good Luck : : bick : Bick do you have any plans or instructions on how to build a guitar from scratch, If you do could you please e-mail them to me, my email adress is [email protected] : Thank You : Dan