It is a pretty easy job but it will take some time. You say you’ve sanded it already, finish it of with a 400 grit paper if you haven’t already. Then, prime the guitar. A spray primer will do fine. Use a white primer, it works the best when you color it. Wait about a week to ensure that it is completely dry, then sand it again with the 400 grit paper to remove all rough spots and defects in the primer. Use a tack cloth to remove the dust and any other stuff that has gotten on it. As for a color, use any color you want. A spray paint will work the best because you won’t leave any brush lines. The kind of spray paint is insignificant, you can use the cheapest you can find if you want, all that is going to do is provide the color. Apply the paint in several light coats to prevent running. Wait several days so it can dry completely, then apply an acrylic urethane. Be sure to use a good quality, thin brush to apply it. DO NOT USE A SPRAY URETHANE!!! You won’t be happy with results. Apply a pretty thick coat, it will cure itself while it dries. The urethane will provide the deep gloss and rich color you desire, that is why I said you can use a cheap spray paint if you want. Wait about a week or so to allow the urethane to dry and when it does, install the electronics and accessories and enjoy the guitar! It is really easy, like I said, it just takes some time if you want to do it right. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck and have fun!!