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: : : Is there any way I can find out if its possible to play the intro lick to Ventura highway on acoustic guitar solo have tried and tried to work it out is it humanly possible cheers to whoever deals with this question. : : Now that Janet Jackson has sampled the lick, I would think that someone would answer your question. I have found tab, but I can’t make it sound clean without a lot of practice. I have tried a couple of tunings, but that didn’t help. I am starting to think that two guitars played at the same time. It could also have been played on a 12 string. I haven’t tried that. : ============================================ : bar bottom 3 strings with index finger on 5th fret : 3rd string from bottom 6th fret : 2nd string from bottom 7th fret with ring finger : hammer on and pull off – bottom string 7th fret with pinky : hammer on/pull off 2nd string from bottom 7th fret with ring finger : srokes should be upward not downward The intro does has two guitar tracks. Listen to the intro thru a headset you will noticed that the two lines are panned seperately. I believe that they were played in harmony to creat the sound of one guitar line. Track and play each line individually. One will be on the "E" string and the other on the "B" sting. Learn one line at a time then try together. There may be some adjustments but you should come close to it, it just takes practice.