: : Does anyone have any experience with the GT-33 guitar synth and the midi pickup? : : I was interested in purchasing this and wondering what experience people might have and if they would recommend it?? : : Thanks for the advice in advance. Hi, I’ve recentelly buy an Gt-33 and I thik is a great and innovative equipment. THE PROS: There is not latency when you play a string, it respond ok to string bendings. The wind instruments like sax or trumpet is extremelly close to the original tone an you can add vibrato and other expression technics. If you get tired of the presets and tones you can connect to you PC or MAC throught MIDI output and you can use any soft synth you get, I use the Absynth, samplers like halion, PRO-53, Reason, etc. properly configurated it sends all midi CCs and poliphonic mode. You can connect a midi controller and use it like any synth module. CONS: If you are an old school guitar player probabily you will not get convinced at the guitar synth presets and tones, theyre are close but not the same to original tones. Other thing, the unit cannot reproduce the forced or pinched harmonics and the natural harmonics sounds funny, but I think it is too much to ask. So, if you are an music composer you will find this unit awesome, playing chords with polisynth sounds great, but if you are planning to use it like a midi guitar with external synth I know there is an unexpensive roland synth guitar, check it his web site. so long!