: I have recently inherited a 1960 electric hollowbody guitar and I am trying to find out the value. It is a "Roy Smeck" guitar, and the only numbers I can find inside it are 165H58. It is in perfect condition. I can’t seem to find any info on it any where so any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Hi, I had an R.S. blonde, hollow body, double pickup in 64-65. I found that it was made by Harmony. The Blue Book of Guitars seems to lend credit to this. They don’t appear to be "collectables" at this time. But I wish that I still had mine. I got $52.00 trade in on a Gretsch 6120(64). Do you have a picture? Sorry I can’t give you any info on the #’s inside your guitar. Makes you wonder about that "H",doesn’t it? We know it’s hollow. Good luck and good health to you, Douglas