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most open tunings make for "single finger" barre chords, start out with open G, D tunings, the most common… get him a slide :). I saw a bluegrass banjo player with missing fingers, he just played with his ‘nubs’ over the top of the neck and was awesome so tell him not to give up, and with 2 fingers left (to hold a pick or finger pick) he could always change to lefty (if he is righty) and fret regularlly with his right hand. : I have a friend that has lost three fingers on his left hand. He use to enjoy playing the guitar but is unable now. I’ve been told that there is a way to tune the guitar so he could use one finger (I’m assuming accross all the strings) to change notes. Is this true? If so, can someone tell me how? I’ve never touched a guitar so please explain in simple terms. Much Thanks, This will lift his spirits.