: i saw a picture of an old lucite strat on a webb site from one of the old namm shows if i run up on it again ill give you the link… if it was mine i d hang on to it , if u decide not to give me a yell : Fender made Lucite strats.My friend has one.They were mainly used for trade shows but could be ordered.Most are clear but i’ve heard of blues ones too. : : Don’t know of fender making any out of lucite, all the lucite ones I’ve seen are made other companies/people, so the neck would probally be worth more than the rest of the guitar, take the neck off and check the date stamp on it, a ’63 could fetch up to $450 or put it on a real strat body, really a waste to put that neck on a lucite body. : : : : : my buddy claims to have just acquired a Fender Stratocaster made of lucite. The neck, however, is a ’63 1.5" with a brass nut. He received it from an 80 yr old retired Fender employee. He’s wondering about the value of this guitar. Anyone have a clue?