Well aparently the guy i bought it off forgot to mention that the truss rod cover, tuners, and everything else were studipo parts and that he shaved the body like a bastard, but hey i dont care, i sold mine, its safe to buy em off of ebay if you can get somen sort of recording, cause you dont know if people fuck with em or not, especially when they say, bids are as is, no returns, sorry for the little mistake *cough*fuck you*cough* trevor : OK thanks to all of you, even to Lee who apparently doesn’t know anything at all. Would it be safe to buy a Les Paul off of eBay? The other day I picked one up at a guitar shop and started playing it, and it was like… Some amazing feeling that my Strat could never give. But anyways, thanks : *cough*bullshit*cough* I dunno what kind of magical Les Paul Studio you have, but they are not made with binding. I’ve worked at a guitar store for years and we’ve always carried the studio, and i have never seen one with binding. and on the gibson website there are none with binding. so unless you got it from the custom shop, you dont have a les paul studio. : : : Again lee is wrong, studios have two things different because mine has white bindings and i bought it new, first theing being that the body is actually smaller and thinner by a little half an inch, the body is considerably smaller, if you have your strap high up, youll notice that the body isnt eatin your armpit, second thing being it carries smaller humbucklers though you wouldnt notice it, but you cant exchange the humbucklers for stage use, hence the name studio, again lee bites the dust : : : : I am on the verge of buying a Gisbon Les Paul off of eBay, and as I am inexperienced in the uber-technical world of guitars, I was wondering as to why the Studio Les Pauls all seem to be much less then their other Les Paul brothers. The description says that they are GIBSON, and not Epiphone. Please help me if you can