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I have a TG120 that I bought new back in 78 (i think) for about $400. It’s been a great guitar, tho I’ve sent it back to the manufacturer to have the bridge glued back on (twice) and the fretboard,too (love that lifetime warranty) It’s resting right now – the fretboard is worn and frets are loose. i could have it fixed, but I want to work on it myself, so it’s waiting for time and money. A little bit that I’ve found out about Tama’s – they were only built for about 8-9 months back in 77-78 (or so) – that explains why there are not many around. Tama had a webpage on their site for their guitars but it’s no longer there (at least it wasn’t the last few times I checked a few years ago) They had a picture of a TG120 on the page but mine was slightly different and don’t know why. I have an abalone ‘T’ on the headstock instead of ‘Tama’ like the picture. That’s all I can remember right now. Looking forward to that tamaguitar site, Bill. Mike