1. You should by a bigger amp. if you play your crate trough a PA you suck the tone of the vocals (if you ever want to sing in the future) 2. You can soften up the drums (with pillows) but that suck the tone out of the drums. 3. How big your amp must be is depending on what kind of music you play and the brand of the amp (and the rehearsal studio) For instance: if you play blues,country,rock and you want a sound with lots of mid then you don’t have to buy such a Big amp (50 W) cos that sound will cut trough the band more easily. If you want to play metal, speedpunk or something like that, you must have a bigger amp. say 50 to 100 W (depending on de brand) cos when you play that kind of music the drummer wants to play even harder and more importantly you probably want a sound that will have more accent on the lower mids. which will not cut trough the band easily so you want to set the damn thing louder. the ‘loudness’ of amps differ between brands. for instance a 50 W hughes&kettner will sound like a bug if you hear a 50 Mesa/Boogie (some 100W marshals too) a 100W Mesa/Boogie drives you insane. If you want a new amp I suggest you go to the music store, look for an nice amp and ask if you can try it out in practice enviroment with drums (otherwise you will regret it) If the amp still sound nice at the level of rehearsing than you have yourself a good ‘practice’ amp. I can tell you much more but then I’m typing for over a year. greetings from holland..