Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – November, 2001 Re: The guitar in mainstream music sucks!! Long live solos!


Correction: Today’s new rock & alternative is total SHIT-PUKE!! : I agree with you lot. Most of the main stream ""music"" these days is total SHIT. it’s so easy to play, and has no melody. It all sounds the same, according to them if you can hold a guitar, you can play it.. It’s not the music that people like these days, its the image of the band that has written it. People laugh when i say i’m a huge Knopfler /Satch fan, but i love the melodies and their guitar playing is amazing. : People think that music has to be "easy listening" but i prefer something that makes you think. : i hate music which has a good guitar part in it but that is ‘hidden’ behind a lead singer sounding like a dying cat. And long live solos!