Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – October, 2000 Re: tokai bass,fender jazz copy-early eighties


: : I am in posession of an immaculate Tokai jazz bass . As far as I can tell it is a copy of a 1962/63 jazz, finished in a cream colour with a tortoishell scratch plate. The person I bought it off purchased it new in the early eighties and had owned it ever since.If anyone can give me any information on tokai copies of the Fender jazz bass,I would be gratefull. In parrticular, any reference to Fender going in to the Tokai factory and cutting the headstocks off all the guitars. The previous owner of my guitar says this actually happened, and the one I now own escaped this fate. Thanks………..John. : I have one too, its got gold harware and black scratch : plate though. I havent been able to find any information on them either and id liek to to know because i have no idea how much it could be worth. : Did you find anything? :hmmm, two years late. maybe he might check back still.