: who’s this prick to get a fucking strat model anyway!! : : What’s up with this piece of junk. Your paying $400 or more for a watered down strat just because of who indorses it basically. If you look on MTV he himself doesn’t even play it most of the time. If you want one that bad simply buy a stratocaster (preferably a squier bullet because thier cheap), then take off the pickguard and all of those precious pickups and replace it with one (yes just one) seymor duncan humbucker, then buy a new pickguard to fit that. This will give you an even better guitar than the $400 dollar one because you’ll still have tone toggles, for a little over half the price (mabye even less depending on where you buy the humbucker). Although I will say that Seymore Duncan Ivaders are pretty sweet. u guys suck and tom rocks.i like his guitar too. so what if it’s a piece of junk…..at least he has one that he can play and it’s how he likes it..so…piss off. i love tom and his guitar.