Thats not true at all. I have been playing the guitar for 8 years, and i dont have all of those things. Tuners are not necessary, picks arent if you know how to play good, and things such as straps and bags are just optional. I play all types of music, and many of the so called "necessities" are not needed if you know what you are doing. I agree that picks can be handy sometimes, and straps can be useful, but nothing is necessary except for a complete guitar with strigns, and two hands to play it. : : I have been looking all over the internet for a cheap guitar. I was looking for a cheap acoustic to learn on, then I figured whats the point, I’ll just have to buy an electric after I learn on that one, so I went to find a cheap electric guitar. The cheapest electric I have found is at MusicYo, 69.99, then I remembered I have to get an amp, most of them cost more then the guitar, I know I can find a cheap one for around 30 bucks if I looked hard. So i thought I would buy the 69 dollar one and find an amp. Then it said I needed a strap, I thought that would only be about 2 bucks, it ended up to be 12, whats the point, I can just buy a gig bag for 10 bucks and tear the strap off that. Then, adding to the price, I have to get a gig bag. All in all it would cost me, 69 for the guitar, 30 for an amp, 12 for a strap, 10 for the gig bag, adds up to around 122 dollars. Then their is shipping charges, around 150 in the end for a simple "inexpensive" guitar, yeah right, there is no way Im going to pay 150 dollars on a guitar thats not even that great. So I thought I’ll just have to settle with acoustic, and I found a nice and cheap one at musicians friend for 29.99, I thought that was good, and since I didnt have to buy an amp I could afford it. Then, again, it said I needed a strap, another 12 bucks, then a bag thing, only this time I needed a hard one because acoustics are more fragile, 70 dollars, then picks, 10 bucks for 8, can’t I just buy one for a buck, nope, you have to buy all of them. I know these are good prices when put with the other ones, but whether they are good prices or not, they are still TOO EXPENSIVE. Most guitars are in the thousands, because they are a certain brand, or once played by a famous person, or they are rare. I dont care who played it, or how many they made. If somebody famous played it, does that make my guitar sound any better, or me sound any better. I dont care how the guitar looks or if they are "collectors items" I just want a guitar, it doesnt even have to sound too great, I just want it to sound like a guitar. Everywhere I look it says I need all these accessories, tuners, etc. I know I dont need a tuner, I dont even know what they do. Most of these accessories I’ve never heard of, but I "have to have it" to play a guitar. Are these accessories really neccasary, and can find the neccasary accessories cheaper from some other site? Please respond. : : Twisted Andrew : : http://wWw.TwistedSite.f2s.com : Well we can all tell you dont know crap about guitars. Yes, you do need all off the accessories to play the guitar. So you dont know what a tuner is. : Well lets use our brain for a minute, it is what you tune your guitar with. You probably will have trouble : finding a 30 dollar electric, unless it is made of cardboard. If your not willing to pay 150 for a guitar, : you dont need to play one. Oh yeah, if you learn on an : acoustic it will be easier to play an electric.