Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – July, 2003 Re: tryin to find model and age of my KAY electric guitar?


: : My first electric was a Kay. I got it for my 14th B-Day in 1966. I no longer have it. It was a solid body electric-black with dark cherry burst…it looked so cool I had my Warmoth Strat painted just like it by e-mailing the guy what I could remember and it came back with an awesome result. : It had 2 pups that were chrome surrounding gold-it had a whammy bar-kinda looked like a strat-had a white pick-guard-and a rosewood finger board…it played very easy and it was my best friend until I found the Gibson SG. : 2 knobs-vol-tone-and a standard 3-way toggle. : Anyone recognize this yet? I never knew the actual name Kay gave it..I was too busy learning to play Beatles songs.-lol The guitar was very weak in as far as balls of course…i did not know back then I could have replaced the pups with PAF’s. I have never seen this anywhere since I sold it in 1972. : thanx to all who help!:) I believe that I have the same guitar. I bought it at a pawn shop in Toronto (it is also my first). It does lack some balls, but enjoy the sound. Old school surf music sounds great on it. I have about 6 pedals that I have hooked up to it and it sounds pretty cool. I have an amp that is pretty bad and am going to buy a new one before I choose which new guitar to buy. The guitar has been painted a couple of times and I think I am going to have it taken apart so I can sand and stain the guitar so it looks new. I think that the sound is extremely unique and I think I am going to hold onto it for a long time. The origional color was red, but has been painted Gold. Same setup: Volume, Tone dials. 2 switches and a whammy style attactment.