: : Im pretty new to learning guitar btw! but little confused on finger placements! if u got a chord where ur 1st finger goes on 3rd fret on the E nearest you and the other two fingers go on the 5th fret (may be E5 if u get me). there is a fret divide but do u stretch using fingers 1 2 and 3 or do u use 1 3 and 4 cos using 1 3 ansd 4 is really wierd wondering if im doing it right ! :s there is no wrong or right way to play this or many other chords . just play it the way it feels most comfortable . i myself use both ways normally with my 1st finger barring the 3rd fret and my 3rd and fourth fingers doing the rest but it is useful to learn the other way also so you use the 1st 3 fingers doing the chord leaving the fourth finger free to play other notes so you can make other chords