Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – June, 2001 Re: Wanted: !970s pooflinger deluxe Squier Strat


: My friend Tim used to have a electric 1970 Pooflinger deluxe model Fender Squier Stratocaster and he sold it not knowing its value. after we sold it, turns out that only about 150 of these were made, and since it was shipped everywhere (not just in the US) they are incredibly rare. They are like a regular Strat except they have 4 double coil pickups, and 40 frets. they come with a stock whammy which can also be bent to the side, providing the user with a unique screeching sound. another unique thing about the 70’s model Pooflinger strat is that given the four double coil pickups, they are EXTREMLY sensitive. a good way to tell if u have a 70’s Pooflinger is to rest it on a table and turn the amp up around half-way. you will start to hear a low kinda humming whirring sound if u leave it alone for like 5 minutes. this is the air moving across the strings. there are other Pooflinger models, but none were like the one made in the 70’s. if u have one or know where i can get one lemme know. if you live in or near new england chances are you have mine. if you look on the bridge, the words "i just pulled your leg sucker" are scratched on. lemme know if u have mine or have any model. I have what U want, but how much will U give me 4 it.