The use of profanity and vugarities is a sign of ignorance. 123 has been good to me. : : Don’t listen to that guy. I am a platinum customer of Music123 and I buy 2-3 units every month, mostly Ibanez and ESP. Can’t be beat in price but the service and shipping are only so-so. As long as you buy New or New B-stock you are OK. The guitar is legitamately $249-299. Typically you shouldn’t pay anymore than 60% of list. I too have looked at this guitar and decided it wasn’t for me, plently of other inexpensive tremolo’d 7 strings out there. I am not a fan of tune-o-matic with this style guitar. No resale value in them if you decide you dont like it. Good luck! John. : : : : Just hope there are no problems with it, music123 is a pretty shady outfit. Also they normally go for under $300…. retail price means nothing w/guitars (and most anything else too). : : : : : : : Anyone got any infoor good tips about this guitar casue ive just ordered it of music123, $950 down to $200 not bad eh. Well can anyone help?