I would say that this discussion needs a little breaking down. First off for this viewpoint I think all music genres can be looked at as being comprised of 2 categories: catchy radio songs and difficult technical music. Catchy is the stuff that gets stuck in your head because it follows a familiar or easy to remember rythm. Not only rap pulls this trick, for example most mainstream music can be observed doing this, such as pussy punk, pop(I think vocal artists when I think this), country(most of the time) and 80’s mainstream hair metal. then you have your difficult music. Things like the guitar solos from pre-black album Metallica.(not that I didn’t like post-black-album Metallica). Music like the 7/8ths and 11/8ths timing used in Mudvayne’s new album, The End of All Things to Come. I personally value music which is difficult to play and dificult to take in because I find the experience of such music more engrossing. While I highly doubt that any rap falls under this technical category, I’m sure there are rap fans who might try to persuade me otherwise. I could see how talking(or rapping) very quickly and maintaining rythm would be a difficult thing to learn, although in my opinion not as difficult as learning to play guitar. But hey, I’ve never really tried it. But diverging from that issue, people are going to like different styles of music. I don’t really care what you like to listen to as long as you don’t try to make me listen to it. I guess many people probably enjoy rap becase they play it at dances a lot and they enjoy dancing, or it’s "good dance music". I really don’t enjoy dancing, so that’s of no value to me. Also I would think that techno would make better dance music, but that’s just me.