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Ibanez sucks babe, im sorry to say but all you guys need to realize gibson is top of the line and esp is right next to em, if you cant afford a Ltd m-10 package you can most definatly afford a epiphone package, and to the lazy fuk who said dont buy new, go used, dont listen to him cause you dont know where the hell its been, whats happened to it, you dont know if its all soldered together inside or not, face it people arent trustworthy these days, take it from a pro guitar builder and refinisher that you want a new Ltd m-10 or an epiphone package of your choice, Trevor : : Hello, : : I’m in middle school and found Behring V Tone Electric Guitar pkg for $120. I also heard Silvertone Electric Guitar pkg for $170 is good. These include AMP, Cables etc. What brand can anyone recommend to me. : : I will be learning to play and want to keep it 1-2 yrs. Thank you for any reply. : : : : Anne : Ibanez Jumpstart JS40 Guitar Package : The Jumpstart Package has everything you need to get started playing now. Although the Jumpstart is affordable it is far from being a generic starter package. You get a quality Ibanez GRX electric guitar that has been set up and inspected according to the same standards as the most expensive Ibanez. You also get a great sounding, 10 watt amp with switchable boost and 3-band EQ, gigbag, tuner, strap, strings, pick, and instructional DVD.