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my friend has played strats since 62′ , he bought his first one in that year, he paid 2 monthe money for it, £40, it played like a dream the best guitar he ever owned, it was a 57′ two tone sunburst strat, he owned it for 4 years, he went blind in 66′ and had to sell it along with his Vox AC30 to support himself, he got back in to playing a couple of years later, and has been playing professionaly in bands since, he plays on average 3 times a week. He plays a great blues guitar, has a fantastic feel, and says of all the strats hes played over the years nothing compares to that 57′. But, do you know what he plays now? and has been playing for the past 15 years? yep a Jap strat from around 82′ , he owns lots of strats, but he says the feel of the Jap is very much like his old 57′ and all the jap ones he has played are of far better quality than their US cousins (inc custom shop), so to say they are of ‘inferior quality’ is BS, you clearly do not have a clue what you are going on about. Lee