Dont believe him man. He didnt even state that he was expierenced in ESP guitars, and he gave no examples of the "Flaws" of B.C.Riches. What makes them bad??? Is it the wood, the pickups? What? You didnt explain and I am sure that this dude wants explainations. And by the by, ESP is for people who wish they could play metal. ESP guitars are for posers. They are for fuckin’ Deftone wannabes. ESP’s arent that versitle either my friend. I have an ESP horizon and it is a lightweight piece of crap and I am selling it at my guitar shop for 150 cause I swear ALL my other guitars are better sounding right out of the box and are DEFINATLY more *cough* versitile *cough*. Dude I manage my town’s local guitar store, we get many guitars commin thru here, and I’ll tell you this: HANDS DOWN B.C.Riches are great for your style of music. Dont believe the dude who bashes them, he hasn’t any real expierence with them, because all B.C.Rich dudes who have the good american models will tell you they are supreme rock guitars! Also if you want more "Versitility-in-metal" Try Ibanez guitars, I know they are trendy but if used in a professional manor they are great for any needs. Dont believe what some kid tells you man, I am a 15 year veteran of guitars and I am telling you that the best Mainstream guitars are B.C.Rich and Ibanez, Jacksons are good too, but ESP is just rank! ESP is what made metallica go soft!