Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – February, 2004 Re: Why does my Mesa Dual Recto suck?!


There are many reasons.. IE I have a marshall jcm 800 2210. Its the 100 watt version so when turned up a little it was just too… how do I say LOUD. plus it had this midrange from hell sound which is great but not at that volume….. much less I never played it at more than 3 on the master volume. But when I heard I can convert it to a 50 watt by removing either the 2 inner tubes or 2 outer tubes and increase the ohm load, I was curious. SO I removed the 2 inner tubes and since I had an 8ohm cabinet I set the ohm load to 4. well when I plugged that thing in it was tits.. I had sustain from hell, awesome bottom end and the feedback was reminesse of van halen. However, the tubes were not stock (Groove tubes) and I did not destroy the amp first. The problem with amp techs is that the one that fixed your amp did his job well. It produces nice clean tones. On an oscilliscope, that looks great. Problem is it does nothing for your tone.