Well, I think you Wilco haters are all missing the point. It’s about communication and emotion, not virtuosity. That is what is at the core of this human condition. Fact is, Woody Guthrie had such an amazing effect on music up to the present day (just trace the influences through pop music), because he said something true. That is what Wilco does for many of us. Gives vent to our emotions and takes some real risks (like risking their careers for their gut instinct). Carlos and Kenny are both GREAT players, but even Carlos connects himself with other "songwriters" to help get his message of "love" across. He sees the value in the communication. …And if you listen to HMD a bit closer it feels like an homage to another time that many of us know so well. Wilco fans don’t listen for great licks, they listen for the songs, the voice and some damn great arrangements from a great and personal live band…But given the level of grammar in this forum and the free use of the word "fag" in replacement for "lousy" I have my doubts about any of those facts sinking in. Enjoy your virtuosity…