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: : I have an old (1972) Yairi Gakki clase 9002 and would like to have information on its value if you have any. Thanx Carl : : Having recently acquired a clasical guitar I.D. info from inside label is a follows YAIRI GUITAR, : : NAGOYA 1970 NO.98 CLASE 5029 singnature SAD_YAIRI : : YAIRI GAKKI L.T.D. The peculiar thing of this instrument is that it looks as though someone had it refretted to 30 fretts as opposed to the usual : : 18/19. Can anyone outhere shed any information on the guitar or its unusual fretting. : : Thanks in advance for your help, : : George K. : : Goerge, I came across your posting I also have a classical (19frets) with inside label of Yairi Gakki Ltd. 1970 Nagoya, Japan Clase 600 I have been unable to find out anything of its history or worth although it is a beautiful instrument. Please e-mail me maybe we can find out more about our instruments-rob