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Hang on.I’ve written a lot here..keep reading. I have the Yamaha APX C model too. 1.The cable you’re asking about,is an easy to find, a shielded guitar "Y" cable.. Yamaha and Hosa make the the cable or a local Radio Shack has the plugs to make one. Don’t use unshielded speaker wire and make one 2.To get sterio out of the guitar female 1/4 mono/stereo inch jack is as follows. 3. The tip of the male guitar jack must be a sterio jack. The tip or the head of the male jack will be the left side channel signal and the next on the male plug will be right side channel signal finally the next is the ground. T 4.You need two amps or to plug into two channels to get the stereo effects. 5.Looking at your mode (guitar toggle switch ~ has the 3 guitar modes. A. far right right strings 1,3& 5 & left strings 2,4, &6. B.Center toggle swicth position is mono. C.Toggle switched closer to the back of the guitar. Is stereo right channel strings 1,2, & 3, and left strings 4,5,& 6. D.If you have the XLR output on your guitar and use this cable it is MONO. I wrote emails to [email protected] and you’d never believe the great customer support. I have now an old original in store color ad for the APX series. I got a copy of all the schematics (30C) of the pickup system and I got an an original owners manual booklet how to operate the guitar. If you want any copies (say from Kinko’s) and are willing to pay for black and white, or color I’ll be glad to help you out. Whenever I e-mailed guitar guru at Yamaha I really got answers very quickly, When I got my literature Yamaha always included Yamaha stickers and a gracious handful of guitar picks. First time on this site too.. Look at Click on reviews, click on guitars by manufacturers, click on yamaha, click on Yamaha APX 20c. This is my review of my guitar,, a lot of typing errors sorry..but I love my guitar.. After you read this e-mail me back. John >first time on this site. i would like to know more about my guitar (APX-20). what guitar cable is in compatible with the model. mine is an APX-20 with stereo EQs.