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: Yeah man, dont give up. I remember the feeling. I took my first lessons about 16 years ago when I was 15. I remember having the same questions going through my head (sometimes I still do) you just need to learn the basics first and learn them well. everything builds off what you are learning now, so learn it well and learn it right. You need to learn rhythm guitar before you can play leads and solos. 90 percent of your playing is going to be rhythm, so take it slow and start there… and practice, practice, practice. Stay with it and keep jamming!! I started playing when I was about 13 (I’m 24 now) : with a crappy electric guitar called a RokAxe which : came with a 1 watt amplifier. I can remember how it : felt having no idea how to play, where to put your : fingers, etc. So, the basic rule that covers your : situation is "Practice makes perfect". The first : song I learnt to play was "Ode to Joy" (hey, you have : to start somewhere!). Start with simple songs so : that you will feel rewarded for your efforts. : For the music you are into I also suggest you learn : the "power chord", one chord shape which requires two : fingers and can be moved all around the fretboard (ask : your guitar teacher about it). There is a lot to learn : but just be patient and dedicated and it will come to : you. : Your acoustic guitar should be fine to start with but : I would keep an eye out for a decent electric guitar : and amp package. Soloing is A LOT harder on an acoustic… : My current set-up: an old strat copy electric guitar : (I’m going to get something better REAL soon) : I have a Yamaha GW-33 effects board which has about : six pedals and all the effects I need (distortion, : phaser, compression, reverb, digital delay, etc.) : and I have a Crate 100 watt (i think) amplifier with : 2 x 10 inch speakers. I’ve had this setup for about : 6 years and it does the job nicely (without spending : too much money 😛 ) : Another fun thing to do (once you know the basics) is : jamming along with some easy songs. Just have a song : on repeat and play along with it. Buy a few guitar : mags which has songs you know transcribed and learn : them too. : Good luck, dude. See you on stage!! : Dennis B. : : Hey, I am 15 and I just started playing the guitar and I had my first lesson a few days ago. I am a bit overwhelmed by all the bar chords and other difficult things to play. I really want to learn to play and I’m starting on a Fender acoustic because I’ve heard that it’s better to start out on an acoustic although I listen to and want to play mostly punk-rock and death metal. I guess what I want to know is, will I ever be able to do guitar solos like metallica or other metal bands, and if so, is starting out on an acoustic the best way? I’m not giving up on playing, that’s for sure, but does this overwhelming feeling ever go away? And will I eventually learn what guitars are best and distortion pedals, and amps. It’s all so confusing!! If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. : : Marcie