: : hi .. : : i am getting a second hand zoom 2020 for 150$. I wanted to know whether itz worth the money. The equipment seems to be in good condition. : : rock and live, : : jacks Hi, I’ve got a zoom 2020 but mine is the 2020player but basically it’s the same i think.I’ve had it about 10 years and recently thought i’de treat myself to an all singing and dancing new effects unit.I got a korg ax1000g, And I’ll tell ya the Zoom kicks it’s Ass.I’me now selling the korg. I found the best way to use it to get the most sounds out of your setup is,use your amps own overdrive to get the best overdrive it will produce,then if you want more modern extreme distortion add a little more distortion from the zoom.switch to your amps clean channel and use the zooms fantastic chorus flange and delays etc for great clean sounds, then if you want that bluesy crunch add distortion from the zoom to your clean channel. I use the zoom through a Marshall 30 watt Amp and I really can get any sound I have heard on record. I also use one patch with just the auto wah. this sounds great when you kick it in for the lead solo, Play around with the settings, you really can get any sound your after.