: : i have an old guitar as well it is kind of like a fender srtat style but i know it is not a fender. the pickups are white with a metal casing around them it also says made in japan, does anyone know what kind of guitar this is, it is a two colored guitar it is black around the edges and fades into a wood brown/goldish color the name on the head of the guitar has been rubbed off but i can make out a squiddle line is under the name and thats it. Sounds like there are three of us in this boat. My guitar has no name on the head other than an iridecent logo of a stylized SR which kind of looks like a gyroscope (the SR is sideways). The pickup is encased in black plastic. The color is black around the edges, fading to a more natural, cherry finish, the pick guard appears to be vinyl and the knobs on the tuning pegs are plastic. The body and neck are wood, but the neck has steel reinforcements. I’ve never come across a guitar that looks like this one, and oddly enough, it’s made in Japan. I have a model number, I just don’t know what company made it. Can anyone help?