Guitarsite Forums Discussion Monthly Discussion Guitar Discussion Forum Archive – June, 2001 strat tremelo conversion (4 questions)


1. I just recieved a fender strat with the stock fender locking tremelo (floyd rose style). I want to put a standard fender tremelo and lose the locking nut stuff. How difficult is this to modify? 2. Will I have to drill or have unsightly holes in the body of the guitar? 3. I also wish to replace the pick-ups. What kind of current single coil pickups have a rich full tone. I want to avoid humbuckers with this guitar. 4. I would like to purchase them as a whole pick-guard assembly with an emerald green tortious shell pickguard, all the electronics and black plastic cosmetics so I can just drop it in. Is it possible to purchase the complete assembly like this or will I have to build it? Open to all suggestions, thanks for your time. -johnny