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I got my first Tatay guitar in 1963 – I have several now . . . I’m writing an article reviewing the handmade instruments from New York (as opposed to the factory instruments from Valencia) and would be interested in some family details . . . such as: how many brothers did Andres have? Some say 2 some say 6 (and a sister) I believe he was the only one to come to the US around 1924. Also – was one of his brothers actually named “Vicente” after their father, Vicente Tatay Alabau. Even though the name Vicente Tatay Tomas was used on factory labels, several of the brothers including Andres used that name more like a brand name. I have a New York guitar with a label from the 5th Avenue shop dated Feb 2, 1940 and signed “Vicente Tatay” but I am sure it was made by Andres Tatay Tomas in his shop, possibly with wood supplied by his brothers in Valencia.
thanks for any details you can give