TC Helicon VoiceLive 3

TC-Helicon releases the third iteration of their vocal processor / guitar multi-effects floor pedal – VoiceLive 3.

VoiceLive 3

First launched in 2004, the VoiceLive series were known for providing a variety of useful effects for vocalists. It was then updated in 2009 and according to TC-Helicon, this second version became their best-seller and has set the bar for their other products.

Now TC-Helicon is raising the bar once more with the new VoiceLive 3, featuring next generation hardware processing and a more comprehensive vocal effects path, plus a serious guitar effects section!

The updated vocal processor now comes with 11 independent vocal effects blocks that feature new and improved effects. Noted improvements include the introduction of fixed and mixed harmony modes, built-in vocoder with polyphonic synth and robot modes, and the adaptive tone feature.

Aside from vocal effects, VoiceLive 3 now comes with built-in guitar effects and amp simulation, making it a nifty all-in-one pedal for guitar players that handle mic duties. Featured effects include chopper, drive, wah, talk box and even bass simulation.

VoiceLive 3

Note that some of the built-in effects are taken from TC Electronic’s popular TonePrint pedals like the Flashback Delay, Corona Chorus, Hall of Fame Reverb – this makes it quite a bargain for singer/guitarists! A phrase looper is also included for loop jams, song creation and backing track arrangements. Solo singer/guitarists will surely appreciate this convenient combination of useful features in one pedal.

The vocal processor and guitar processor within the pedal work independently, allowing for two independent outputs that separate the two signals to give you improved control over your vocal and instrument sound. The unit comes with 250 factory presets with 500 available presets in total, which you can fill up with over 1000+ presets available for free download.

Estimated street price is $799.99, you can head over to TC Helicon for the complete specifications.

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