Vox VX Series Amplifiers

Vox Amplification introduces the new VX Series, showcasing the company’s latest digital amp modeling technology.

Vox VX Series Amps
Vox VX I

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The VX Series starts off with two models, the basic 15 Watt model VX I and the bigger 30 Watt model VX II, both of which model the actual circuits and electrical components of amplifiers, rather than just modeling the resulting sound.

While hardware component modeling is nothing new, this makes the latest amp modeling technology more affordable and accessible, even for beginners. The company said that they utilize their own proprietary modeling technique called Virtual Element Technology (VET), which they claim produces improved authenticity and sound quality, especially for entry level amplifiers.

Vox Brand Manager Brian Piccolo said, “he VX series offers functionality that is beyond current digital amplifiers and represents an evolutionistic step for modeling technology. Rather than basing the amp models off of the sound-specific amplifiers that we have in our collection, as we’ve done in the past, we’ve developed a new approach that models the actual circuits and electrical components of an amplifier to bring players the best sounding amp in its class. With the VX series, we wanted to make durable practice amplifiers that sound just like your favorite old tube amp…but that are a fraction of the weight and cost! We made sure to include amp models and effects that we find fun and inspiring, and that offer players a lot of versatility. The VET at the heart of these amplifiers was used to revive a myriad of classic amplifiers.”

Check out the official video demo:

The VX series come with 11 classic amp models and 8 effects, which you can configure to built up to 22 different combinations that you can store as user presets. The amp starts with the classic Vox AC30 tone, and can switch into a myriad of classic and modern amps, including ’50s and 60’s era American and British amplifiers and modern high-gain tube amplifiers.

The built-in effects cover all essentials to play a wide variety of musical styles, including flanger, chorus, tremolo, phaser, tape and analog style delay, as well as spring and hall reverb. By mixing and matching the amp models with the effects, you can create quite a lot of sounds, and more importantly, you can come close to the sounds that you’re hearing in your head – without the complications of pedalboard and extra gear.

Vox VX Series Amps

To better reproduce the modeled tones, Vox designed the cabinet to have a unique bass reflex structure that works with the sealed one-piece speaker enclosure. They meticulously designed the curvature of the back and front surfaces, event the internal reinforcement ribs to get the resonance that they wanted. The cabinet is built using lightweight and sturdy ABS material much like modern high-end audio systems, and is combined with a wooden baffle to better reproduce the sound of classic guitar amps.

In conclusion, Brian Piccolo added, “All of these unique elements work together to bring forth a level of sound quality that was previously unachievable with an amp of this class. The VX series will aim to appeal to all types of customers: from beginners all the way to seasoned pros because the sound quality combined with a host of easy-to-use features and a lightweight construction makes these the ideal practice amps. The circuits at work in the VXI and VXII offer guitarists the best of both digital and analog amplifier design. The VX I and VX II represent VOX’s desire to evolve the typical practice amplifier, as well as the conventional modeling amplifier.”

The Vox VX I is the entry level model, featuring a 15 Watt amplifier and a 6.5″ speaker. The bigger VX II has 30 Watts of power and a single 8″ speaker, and it comes equipped with a USB port for direct connectivity with a PC or Mac. Additionally the VX II comes bundled with JamVOX III modeling software.

The new Vox VX I is now retailing for $99.99, while the Vox VX II is retailing for $149.99. Visit Vox Amps for further details.

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  1. August release

    Vox VX I is now available for pre-order from online music gear retailers, expected shipping date is early August.

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