Acoustic Guitar Straps

We will help you pick the best acoustic guitar strap to match your guitar set up. Listed below are some of the best straps available that we categorized based on their form and functionality.


Acoustic guitars have different strap accommodation setups. Most of the time, there are two strap buttons which can easily work with generic guitar straps, but there are some guitars that have less than two strap buttons which require adapters or specialized straps for acoustic guitars. We have selected some of the best straps available that will work on your specific strap button setup.

1. Generic Acoustic Guitar Straps
2. Headstock Loop Guitar Straps
3. Classical Guitar Straps
4. Acoustic Guitar Strap Adapters

1. Generic Acoustic Guitar Straps:

For guitars that have two strap buttons/pins - the most common set up

These are the commonly available straps which work with guitars that have two strap pins installed. Since these straps work for both acoustic and electric guitars, they are easy to come by and comes with a variety of style, materials and sizes. They are also cost effective because you can use them on multiple instruments.

Planet Waves Lock

Planet Lock Guitar Straps:
While setting up for a gig, my electric guitar fell on my foot, saving my guitar from damage in exchange for swollen toes and excruciating pain. It took me weeks to fully recover. Planet Waves was aware of this danger and thought of a way to better secure the guitar. They designed Planet Lock, which fits and locks securely on your guitar's end pins, unlike leather that tend to loosen up with age. You can secure your guitar for a little over $11 online, a cheap and worthy invest. Get the latest price & reviews at

Levy's M8

Levy's M8 Poly Guitar Straps:
Levy's is a popular brand when it comes to acoustic guitar straps, and the Levy's M8 guitar strap is one of their top selling products. It is a very affordable guitar strap that offers basic looks and features. It is 2” wide and uses lightweight woven “soft hand” polypropylene materials. It features tri-glide adjustment with polyester ends for quick and stable length adjustments. The M8 has an overall length of 54". You can get one online for just a little over $5. Get the latest price & reviews at

Fender Soft Tweed Strap

Fender Accessories Vintage Tweed Strap
This is a popular guitar strap because of its vintage vibe. The Fender Accessories 2" Soft Tweed Strap puts the look of Fender's famous classic tweed amps in a very attractive and comfortable guitar strap. It employs a softened versions of the same materials was used on Fender Tweed amps and cases. It features brown leather end tabs that prominently shows the famous Fender "F" logo. This strap adjusts for 35-72" long. You can get this classic looking strap for only $12.20. Get the latest price & reviews at

Levy's DM1

Levy's DM1 Acoustic Guitar Strap
The DM1 is another popular leather guitar strap from Levy's. It has a comfortable width of 2.5” and features a decorative double stitch. Its length is adjustable from 38" to 53". To make the leather more pronounced, the DM1 features a neutral suede back which enhances the front colors. It has an adjustable harness like design. For taller players you can avail of the XL size which adds 12" to overall length. Currently priced at $16.77. Get the latest price & reviews at

Martin Fabric Strap

C. F. Martin Fabric Strap
The C. F. Martin Fabric Strap is your basic acoustic strap. Fabric is a material chosen by some players for its lighter weight and colorful designs. This strap is 3" wide and sports cotton jacquard weave fabric print. To ensure stability, it comes with genuine cowhide leather which details a gold C. F. Martin logo. You can get this for a little over $27 online and it is available in a Black or Brown fabric print.

Taylor Suede Guitar Strap

Taylor Suede Guitar Strap
This Taylor Suede Guitar Strap is nice looking strap that is designed to match the acoustic guitar strap buttons installed on Taylor guitars. The Taylor logo embroidered on the back gives you the assurance of quality. The strap works well with other guitars as well and is a favorite among acoustic guitarists because of its broken-in feel and the non-slip suede surface. You can buy one for $39 online and you can choose between black, honey and chocolate colors. Get the latest price & reviews at

2. Headstock Loop Guitar Straps:

For guitars with one strap pin at the bottom and no top strap pin

These guitar straps are meant for guitars that have one strap pin installed. They are a good alternative to using shoelaces or other guitar strap adapters. These guitar straps will also let you avoid having to drill another acoustic guitar strap button into your guitar. These straps have the usual button hole on the bottom pin end, and a distinctive "loop" or "string" edge at the headstock end. You simply tie the string end on the headstock, preferrably right above the nut and below the strings.

Sully's Guitar Strap

Sully's Guitar Strap
This is a beautiful vintage looking leather acoustic guitar strap. The default size of the shoulder piece is 2" wide by 11.5" long but there are alternative options. It comes with a nice looking lace for strapping onto the headstock. It can also be used for guitars with two strap pins. Sully's Guitar Strap has many customizable features that may interest custom and boutique guitar afficionados. Pricing starts at $42.

Levy's MC8A

Levy's MC8A
This is a 2" cotton guitar strap with a 3/8" cotton webbing loop used to connect to the headstock of your guitar. The other end of the strap which attaches to the strap pins are made of suede for stability. You can adjust the length up to 70" with its tri-glide adjustment system. It looks much like a regular cotton guitar strap, which is good because it keeps your audience focused on your guitar and guitar playing rather than the strap. MSRP is at $31.56, online stores sell it for only $28.53. Get the latest price & reviews at

Levy's MSS6

Levy's MSS6
This is a nice looking suede leather guitar strap from Levy's. It is 2.5" wide and gets wider around the shoulder which evenly distributes the weight of the guitar on your shoulder for better comfort and to avoid injury. It features decorative black piping and suede backing. You can adjust the length from 44" to 64" to match your stance and a longer XL version adds 12" to the overall length should you need it. Beauty comes at a price - this one is priced at $69. Get the latest price & reviews at

3. Classical Guitar Straps:

For guitars that have no strap button, mostly classical guitars and older acoustics

These are guitar straps built for acoustic / classical guitars with no strap buttons. It looks much like an ID lace with a plastic hook at the end. You simply guide the lace behind and under the guitar at its waist, and then wrap it around as if catching the guitar while hooking the plastic hook to the bottom of the sound hole. Word of caution, although it is convenient, this is strap is not stable, you need to have at least one hand on the guitar to ensure that it doesn't fall.

Neotech Slimline Classical Strap

Neotech Slimline Classical Strap
The Neotech Slimline Classical Strap is a good alternative to the traditional classical guitar strap. It features a unique cross-chest design which gives added comfort and stability and for both men and women. The Slimline Classical Strap combines neoprene, a high-tech memory foam core and your choice of webbing or top-grade leather with a rich distressed oil finish. You can get one online starting with a price of $27.31. Get the latest price & reviews at

D'Andrea Classical Guitar Strap Woven

D'Andrea Classical Guitar Strap Woven
This classical guitar strap features assorted woven tapestry designs with heavy padded vinyl backing. It sports a heavy duty plastic hook which you will use to secure your guitar. D'Andrea designed this strap to be lightweight and straightforward. It is a basic, affordable, practical and sturdy guitar strap. The color options might be a bit awkward for serious classical players so better pick the color that you like when buying. Currently priced at $6.68. Get the latest price & reviews at

Levy's M20 Nylon Classical Guitar Strap

Levy's M20 Nylon Classical Guitar Strap
This is a simple nylon classical guitar strap with plastic sound-hole hook. It features tri-glide adjustments which you can set anywhere between 27" to 36". This strap follows the tried and tested traditional hook set up, focusing more on convenience and comfort with its thin 1" width. The M20 also works well with Ukuleles and other small bodied string instruments with sound holes. You can order one online for only $18.81. Get the latest price & reviews at

4. Acoustic Guitar Strap Adapters:

Guitar Strap adapters are designed to let you use generic guitar straps with acoustic guitars that have no top strap button. They are mostly tied on the headstock and feature a button or string that will connect to your generic guitar straps. They are convenient to use, allowing you to change guitars without taking off your guitar strap. The cheapest but unsafe alternative is using shoelaces.

Martin Guitar Leather Strap Button

Martin Guitar Leather Strap Button
This is a good looking accessory to any acoustic guitar. You only have to strap it the headstock of your acoustic guitar and use its nylon button to connect your guitar strap. This will let you use guitar straps that would otherwise need a string to tie up to your headstock. The Martin Guitar Leather Strap Button is stylish if you leave it on and should you take it off, it does not leave scratches or marks on the headstock. Current online retail price is $5.95. Get the latest price & reviews at

Neotech Acoustic Guitar and Banjo Adaptor Loop

Neotech Acoustic Guitar and Banjo Adaptor Loop
The Neotech Acoustic Guitar and Banjo Adaptor Loop is a multi purpose strap adapter. It works for banjos and other stringed instruments that have no top strap button. It has a soft tubular nylon ring which you simply attach to the headstock of your guitar. The sturdy leather button then connects to your favorite guitar strap. Its simple and easy to use, it's just a string with a button at the end. It is available online for only $3.99. Get the latest price & reviews at

Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System

Planet Waves Quick-Release Guitar Strap System
The Quick-Release Guitar Strap System turns your guitar straps into hassle free and flexible guitar straps. One end attaches to your acoustic guitar's headstock, while the other end will attach to your favorite guitar strap, easily attach the two together and quickly squeeze the clips to detach when done. It is an efficient tool that is built to be sturdy and strong while maintaining a small and lightweight profile. The best thing about it is its price, at a little over $4 you can put one on each of your guitars for hassle free changing of instruments.Get the latest price & reviews at

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