Guitar Gear

Guitar Gear

Here at we are constantly researching the latest gear and guitar product categories to bring you information on the best equipment and related products available.

These guides will point you in the right direction if you’re looking to buy, and we give you some tips and tricks to keep your equipment in good working order. If you’re interested in other types of gear, check out the Music Gear on

The Best Bass Amps

We present you with the best bass amplifiers that are currently available in the market, conveniently categorized into price brackets so you can easily see the amps that fit your budget.

The Best Guitar Pedals by Effects Category

This shows you what we have selected as the best pedals in each of 12 categories of effects including, Distortion, Overdrive, Fuzz, Volume, Wah, Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, EQ, Tremolo and Compression.

The Best EQ Pedal Roundup

Experienced players agree that having a true EQ pedal provides improved tone shaping and better chaining flexibility.

Guide to a Basic Home Recording Setup

The purpose of this guide is to give you an understanding of the basic equipment you’ll want to have for recording at home to your computer.

Our Best Reverb Pedal Recommendations

From adding subtle depth to your guitar sound, to replicating the space of rooms and concert halls, these highly-recommended reverb pedals will end the dry spell on your tone.

Best Phaser Pedal

We present you with the Best Phaser Pedal, along with some impressive contenders to help you add soulful phasing to your tone.

The 11 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $1,000

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best acoustic-electrics you can currently get for less than $1000.

Roundup of Cheap Electric Guitar Pickups

Swapping out your pickups can really provide a big boost to your tone. In this roundup we take a look at some of the cheaper options available – you might be surprised to see some of the leading pickup brands in our report.

The Top 7 Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $300

If you’re looking for an acoustic on a budget, then you might be surprised by the quality instruments we found for this roundup.

Guitar Speaker Cabinet Roundup

A list of the top guitar speaker cabinets in the market along with some tips on picking the right one for your rig.

Electric Guitar Kits

With minor sanding and some paint, these electric guitar kits will let you build your very own customized guitar without the hefty price tag.

Cheap Bass Guitar Roundup

Here are the best in quality and sound among the most affordable basses on the market today.

Guitar Amp Attenuator Roundup

Get the gritty sound of cranked tubes at any volume level, without modifying your tube amp.

Best Modeling Amp on a Budget

Modeling amplifiers are versatile tools that give you the tone flexibility of multiple guitar amps and effects in just one convenient box, and at a fraction of the cost.

Pitch Shifter Pedal Roundup

Play notes that are beyond the limits of your instrument and expand your textures by picking from our roundup of great pitch shifter pedals.

The 11 Best Overdrive Pedals

If you are wondering which overdrive pedal to get, then look no further than these.

Best Fuzz Pedals

Still confused on which fuzz pedal to get? Check out our round up of the best traditional and modern fuzz pedals.

Delay Pedal Roundup

We’ve grouped together the most inspiring delay pedals available in one page, covering both Analog and Digital delay pedals.

Best Electric Guitars Under $1000

We bring you the best electric guitars within the $1000 mark, reliable workhorse instruments that are versatile and stylish.

Archtop Jazz Guitars

If you are looking to buy a jazzbox, our roundup of Archtop Jazz Guitars will help! We’ve also provided some great jazz guitar videos that you can watch while checking out the instruments.

Best Blues Amp Buyer’s Guide

Yet again we have done the research so that you don’t have to – these are all based on classic amp designs which have stood the test of time, and are made by big brands you know and can trust.

Cheap Acoustic Guitars Buyer’s Guide

With the help of our buyer’s guide you’ll be able to find an inexpensive acoustic guitar that has the quality you need to sound good and make playing enjoyable.

Cheap Electric Guitar Buyers Guide

There are so many entry-level guitars out there that choosing which one to buy can be a difficult task, however you’ll find the job much easier because we’ve done the leg-work for you with this roundup of inexpensive yet reliable instruments.

Best Wireless Guitar System

Tired of being tied to an amp? Get ready to free yourself from the hassles of cables with our Wireless Guitar System Roundup.

Best Semi Hollow Body Guitar

Ever since Gibson produced the first commercially available Semi Hollow Body, other manufacturers have been clamoring catch up – and some of the have. If you’re thinking about buying one, then check out our guide first.

Wah Pedal Roundup

If you’re considering buying a Wah Pedal, don’t do anything until you read our roundup first!

Best Loop Pedal

Enrich your practice and solo playing experience by getting the best loop pedal that will match your setup and style.

What Are The Best Practice Amps?

This is an overview of the five best practice amps that are available on the market, along with a description of each one.

Best Volume Pedal Round-up

We help you find the best volume pedal to let your feet gain full control of your volume in live performances.

MIDI Guitar Pickup

MIDI Guitar Pickups have been around for years, some people love ’em, and some don’t. If you’re interested in the idea of turning your guitar into a MIDI instrument, then take a look at our guide.

Best Classical Guitar

Here is our selection of the best classical guitars, covering the best small scale luthiers and mass produced guitars.

Best Guitar Effects Software

This selection represents the best guitar effects software to help you turn your computer into a full featured effects processor.

The Best Hollow Body Guitar Brands

These are the best electric guitars designed with a single hollow cavity within the body.

Best Guitar Amp Under $500

We will show you how far your $500 can take you with our selection of the best guitar amps under 500 bucks.

The Best Bass Guitar Brands

We selected the top bass guitar brands based on popularity with musicians, influence, historical significance and quality.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under $1000

We present to you GuitarSite’s awarded best acoustic guitar under 1000 bucks, along with some equally impressive runner-ups!

The Best Cheap Tube Amp Round-Up

There are actually a surprising number of good value tube amps you can get – many for under $200 – and while you might expect brands like Bugera to deliver in the lower price range, you might be surprised to learn that Fender have an offering here too!

Amp Modeling Software

Turn your computer into a virtual amplifier with our list of the best amp modeling software, covering all the popular operating system platforms.

The 5 Best Acoustic-Electric Guitars Under $500

We bring you the 5 best Acoustic Electric guitars under $500, these are practical and affordable workhorse guitars that make every single penny count.

Best Travel Guitar Roundup

Here are the best travel guitars to keep you company wherever you go, these are acoustic and electric travel guitars that are known for portability and reliability.

Best Nylon String Guitar Roundup

This Nylon String Guitar Roundup aims to give you a peak at the best nylon string guitars, preferred by guitar players of different skill levels and styles.

Finding The Best Distortion Pedal

We have listed some of the most prominent and sought after distortion pedals, to help you in finding the best distortion pedal for your style.

Try a Guitar Headphone Amp

Here are some of the best Headphone Guitar Amps, that will let you silently practice with great tones and portability.

Buy The Best Guitar Cable

We have looked at the most popular, top rated and top selling instrument cables to help you buy the best guitar cable.

Silent Guitar Guide

This will help you in your quest for the best Silent Guitar by showing you a wide range of silent guitars from both big name and boutique manufacturers, and if you’re not sure what a silent guitar is, then take a look – you might be surprised!

The Best Electric Guitars Under $500

The Best Electric Guitars Under $500 – not only will you sound good playing these, but you’ll also look good too!

Cleaning The Fretboard

Fretboards need to be cleaned regularly – you have a lot of dirty stuff on your hands and fingers when you play and if you don’t clean up your frets you will start having problems.

The Best Acoustic Guitar Tuners

Your guide to the best tuners for acoustic guitars – it includes information on the major types of tuners and we give recommendations to help you decide which one is the best tuner for you to buy.

The Best Guitar Capos

We have compiled a guide to the best guitar capos for anyone who is looking to buy one.

The Top 10 Guitar Effects

The best hardware effects units available including pedal boards and regular foot pedals and stomp boxes.

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