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Best Cheap Bass Guitar – 2024 Guitarsite Results

Best Cheap Bass Guitar – 2024 Guitarsite Selection The quality of affordable bass guitars is improving due to advancements in technology. As a result, you get the best cheap bass guitar, with features exceeding their price range. Check out these top-budget bass guitars, perfect for beginners and budget-conscious musicians alike! Student Friendly Yamaha TRBX304 Bass […]

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The Best Bass Guitar Brands

Not all bass guitars were created equal, however that hasn’t stopped our experts from naming the ultimate bass guitar brands. We selected the top bass guitar brands based on popularity with musicians, influence, historical significance and quality. The top 5 bass brands are: Fender, Hofner, Rickenbacker, Music Man, Warwick. Fender Some might argue that many

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G&L MJ-5 5-String Bass

G&L introduces the MJ-5, a 5-string electric bass that combines traditional P/J style looks with modern active pickups. Related Feature:The Best Bass Guitar Brands! This bass is the 5-string version of the MJ-4, both of which follow G&L founder Leo Fender’s vision of taking guitar building and technology to the next level, while retaining desirable

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G&L Tribute Series MJ-4

G&L introduces the Tribute Series MJ-4 bass, an affordable version of one of the company’s most popular basses. Related Feature:Best Bass Guitar Brands According to the company, the original USA made MJ-4 bass quickly gained popularity when it was released. Now they are making this bass more accessible by releasing an overseas built version. The

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Fender Flea Jazz Bass

Fender assimilated Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Flea into their roster, and they came up with the new Flea Jazz Bass. Related Feature:Best Bass Guitar Brands This signature instrument is based on Flea’s Shell Pink ’61 Jazz Bass, which he recently used to RHCP’s recent albums, recreating important aspects of his main instrument and making it

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G&L Kiloton Bass

G&L unveils the Kiloton Bass, a surprisingly versatile single humbucker pickup equipped bass, thanks to its split/series/parallel switching. Related Feature:Best Bass Guitar Brands This bass guitar features Leo Fender’s Magnetic Field Design bass humbucker, packed into G&L’s SB-2 model, and routed to a modern circuit that allows for various combinations of the two coils within

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Fender releases Victor Bailey Five-String Acoustic Bass

First-call session bassist Victor Bailey and Fender are proud to announce the release of his popular signature acoustic bass in a five-string version. Introduced in 2005, the Artist Design Series Victor Bailey Acoustic Bass guitar features a beautiful arched back, figured dao body, abalone rosette, tortoise shell binding, a bound 34″-scale neck that replicates Victor's

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